Capacity Campaign

Since 2007, Downtown Boxing Gym Youth Program has been operating out of a former car wash on St. Aubin street, on Detroit’s east side.

The building is falling apart, is too small for our current 65 students, not to mention the over 300 on our waiting list, and is cost prohibitive to maintain.

For the last several years, we have worked to raise money to grow our program, and include as many students as have need. In December, we were finally able to buy a new building! Please help us to prepare our building to create, engage, and develop.

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Create a safe and productive space for Detroit kids from the toughest neighborhoods to develop better self-esteem, higher achievement, and a connection to their communities through volunteer service!


Engage families to become partners in their coaching and community, including those who have been inspired to change their own lives by returning to school!


Develop strategic neighborhood partnerships with other businesses, organizations, and individuals who can work together to enhance all of our missions, including those of Downtown Boxing Gym Youth Program, thus improving the quality of the lives of those in the community!

You can also help by purchasing items from our Amazon Wish List!

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